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Jesús Gómez Viudes

Family business founded in 1983 and located in Mercalicante, S.A.  It is dedicated to bring to your table the most fresh fruits and vegetables. Most harvested in Alicante and province. The experience of three generations makes us a competent company serving our customers, offering the highest quality products as our supply is daily, offering it at the best price.

For this we have a dedicated staff that makes possible our daily commitment, both in the market sale and in the distribution.

In compliance with the Food Safety regulations in our industry, the company has the implantation of self-control system based on Hazard Analysis and identification of Critical Control Points under the article 5th of the Regulation (EC) No 852/ 2004.

Jesús Gómez Viudes Company is adhering to the brand “Mediterranean health” and belongs to the Association of Settlers