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Founded in 1999, this nonprofit association encompasses most of the wholesalers operating in themarket for fruits and vegetables of Mercalicante and its only purpose is to defend the common interests of its members in all aspects of its activity within the markets.

It is a forum where emerging problems are exposed and which are common to everybody and specially jointly negotiate terms with different service providers and operators we work: from suppliers of packaging and equipment to telephony, electricity, cleaning, office suppliers, industrial refrigeration services, prevention of occupational hazards, software suppliers, etc., obtaining better terms than we could get each of us individually.

In terms of the most significant projects are essentially two:

1.-First, the launch of a pool of containers on the one hand to centralize the collection of empty containers which are returned by our customers before starting their daily shopping, representing a significant saving of time and space for themselves and for the wholesalers, and secondly, it has enabled the use of a jointly usable by all wholesalers common package so we will save both investment costs and management in packaging and storage cost and managements thereof.

2.-Secondly, we are engaged in the development and expansion of the brand “Mercalicante, Mediterranean health” which has already signed several wholesalers and retailers. It is opened to all wholesalers and retailers who operate in Mercalicante and certifies good practices in quality, handling, preservation and hygiene products that pass through our facilities and that   in turn mean a seal of guarantee for the consumer.


The Board of Association is currently configured as follows:

-President: David Murcia Ribera (FRUTAS CADAPA S.L.)

-Secretary: Ricardo Miñana Medrano (ANTONIO MIÑANA C.B.)

-Treasurer: Jesús Gómez Moya (JESÚS GÓMEZ VIUDES)

-Vocal: Mª Dolores Moreno Almena (FRUTAS BENIMELI)




        Tel: 675 51 80 35

        Street Address: Crta. Madrid km. 4- Mercalicante 03007 ALICANTE